Jury Path

Time to face the reality of architectural education, THE JURY.

As a freshman, I am really scared of juries, even if I had one which is the subject of this post. The jury assignment was the variation of the post about 7 planes, we were expected to relate 25 elements,both planes and sticks, that we decide the dimensions and  stick to a strategy, also the scale and strech operations are added too.

Before deciding on a strategy, I was cutting planes and boom when a bulb appeared out of nowhere in my head. Why don’t I create a hiearchy between lines and planes? So I tried to achieve it by not connecting the sticks with planes as much as possible till the disscussion critic.

After the critics, I enriched my peasant strategy by covering it with “grouping”, however I am scared to call it grouping. So I call it assaigning a meaning or clasifying. They are clasified according to physical relations they inherit from last studies.

Now let’s come to the part where I get on the stage and scream “HOCAMM ELIM TIRIYOOO!”, which means ‘my hands are shaking’.


The orthographic projection of my jury model.



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