2nd Exit Before Final Jury

After the first pre-jury shock everything became more heavy, the studio hours, lectures and etc.. We were given a new operation “tear&fold” which is folding the part where we cut(tear).

So what have I done so far to get to know the operation? Let me check. Yep, the first thing was creating a generator model which will guide our further studies. My further studies wasn’t exactly as I expected. They were developing around particular relations but not a strategy which is a thing that I am aware of and makes me worry.

So I decided to rewind to my first jury model to search the options and I developed a strategy around it. My initial point was to create 3 clusters. But it wasn’t enough to be a strategy so I classified the clusters according to the relations that I shaped. Now the details were left, little details(!) such as sticks… They are assigned to oriantate the moves in the each cluster. Unfortunately it didn’t work out in practice that well :((

Anyway, here is my product as a result of the tear&fold searches and my jurry photos.


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