Brewing an architectural perception

Last week we took site trip to Kolejin to experience and analyze the spaces with the founding first year backgroud. For further analysis and understanding we are producing sketches, diagrams, collages and an abstract model of the anaylsis of the spatial experiences we had. Kolejin is a facility of TED which includes a cafe and  sports centre. Building basically divided in to three (in terms of function); sports centre, cafe and offices.

The relative connection between theese three is obtained via elavation of the slabs and transparent surfaces which also create the visual connection (in)between the inner and outer spaces. Further to that, all those relations create a knob at the center of the bulding that controls the circulation and movement.

Basically, my main topic of analysis considers the circulation and movement. In order to study my analysis on my model I determined the movement and circulation axes in the building with diferent layers and merged them. So I came with the point that the layers connection points are actually defined by the spaces which are in relation in between.


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