Spread of Architecture

The Babylon, the city that speaks every language, this cosmopolitic structure affects the architecture as well. The city plan is formed via gridal system that resembles the far east city planning, and a strong axiality can be seen as in eygpthian temples. The city formation is set on hierarchic order according to the palaces and the famous babylon tower (ziggurat), the connection between those are achieved with several ceromonial streets.

Again, when we observe the persian architecture we can see similar architectural approaches like far eastern architecture. What makes this particular architecture different are the mixture of architectural elements from both east and west and the distribution of architectural elements, such as gridal city planning and ceromonial touches.

The reflection of Persian Architecture starts to show off in the city of prienne. The city is planned on a gridal system in contrast of general organic-planned Aegean Architecture such as Athens. The key components which form the Aegan Architecture are the perception; Architecture is considered as sculpting and the integration between them.Also not just buildings but also landscapes are considered divine which makes the scenery and oriantation of constructs crucial.


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