Last Tango in Central Anatolia

This term we’re expected to analyse sites, which are Meke Maarı, Konya, Taşkale and Çatalhöyük, to create a mixture of analysis for baking a design strategy till the end of term.

The first stop was the Meke Maarı, a lake which is formed on middle of the crater by a volcanic eruption. The site should have been under protection however it is dried up due to the water need of agricultural industries around the rural area. The salt formations and volcanic soil were the determinative elements of our site experience as apparent as the geographical forms. When we have a quick look at the site from above the cliffs, the odds at the sloppy terrain is clearly seen through the crater and salt formations below. After following the path and entering the site, the sensation of getting lost becomes dominant in our roaming experience. The crater and salt formations lead us to a continuous path, located in western side of the field, which is defined by the terrain and elevations between salt formation and soil, also the feeling of enclosed becomes deeper via the steep slopes. Another reason for the choice of path is that the steep hill which is located at the eastern side of the site that blocks the visual continuity between the path and crater.

After the Meke sessions, to explore different approaches of spatial relations and experiences, we visited Taşkale and Kızıllar district. Taşkale is basically formed by several carved out granaries. Their organisation is organic, not planned, beside the organic setting the circulation is also formed organically since they carved steps on stone walls to reach the openings which creates a vertical circulation. About the houses in Kızıllar, same approach can be seen; the buildings sit on field and due to the sloppy terrain the circulation is mostly vertical and provided with stairs or steep roads. At some points the field is also carved to expand the spaces such as courtyards, rooms or pavements. When we examine a carved out granary, we can say that the dimensions are not larger than an average human size.


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